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On the management philosophy of sports shoes and clothing quality leader

Release time:2020-12-05 Source:Dongguan Guanshun shoe material Co., Ltd
Sports shoes and clothing are still in the stage of rapid growth, and the competition pattern continues to optimize. In 2019, the growth rate of the domestic sports footwear market will reach 17% (vs. the 7% growth rate of the global sports footwear market), and the scale will reach US $45.95 billion, and it will still maintain the growth rate of CAGR of 9% - 10% in the next five years. The competition pattern of "leaders talking to each other" has been continuously optimized: Cr5 will reach 72.8% in 2019 (69% in 2018), and the market share of domestic leading Anta Group / Li Ning group will reach 16.4% / 6.3% respectively. The top four customers of Shenzhou International are Nike, Adidas, UNIQLO and puma. In 2019, the four major customers contributed more than 80% of Shenzhou's revenue.
One of the leading business philosophy: focus on the advantageous areas and take customer demand as the guidance. 1) Secondly, the strategic advantage of R & D should be focused on the market, which means to keep the competitive advantage in the market. Shenzhou is determined to be a high-end market customer. It uses R & D investment to create high-value-added products, researches and develops functional fabrics with UNIQLO and knitted upper with Nike, and enters the sports market according to market demand (sports products account for more than 70% in 2019). Anta / Li Ning both focus on the competitive field of sports shoes and clothing, follow the market, and develop their own collectivized Operation mode.
The second philosophy of leading management: the organizational structure should be adjusted prospectively according to the strategic needs. Reasonable management structure can play a new corporate strategy and promote the improvement of management efficiency. We believe that leading companies can make forward-looking adjustment of management structure according to the strategic needs. Shenzhou International's export management of overseas production bases enables it to establish overseas factories and carry out integrated production within 4-5 years. For the brand company Anta sports / Li Ning, it is important to establish the management framework of the group as a retail platform. Anta has made structural adjustments during the acquisition of FILA and after the acquisition of Amer in 2018.
The third philosophy of leading management: attach importance to staff training and build a team with high executive power. The whole management team of Anta sports takes CEO general manager Ding as the core and adheres to the business orientation. Each team member has its own assessment index. To some extent, we think that the "wolf nature" culture has penetrated into Anta's team spirit. Shenzhou International has always attached great importance to personnel training and employee welfare, and the stability of employees is higher than the industry average level. In recent years, the company's staff cost accounted for more than 20% of revenue; the production team was stable, and the average monthly turnover rate dropped from 6.68% in 2012 to about 4% in 2019.

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