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Development status of sports shoes and clothing industry in China in 2020

Release time:2020-12-05 Source:Dongguan Guanshun shoe material Co., Ltd
The industry continues to grow at a high speed, and the growth rate of sports shoes is fast
In recent years, under the background of consumption upgrading, with the continuous popularization of sports infrastructure and health concept, consumers' demand for sports shoes and clothing is increasing. The introduction of fashion trend has successfully broken its traditional functional boundary, and sports shoes and clothing have gradually penetrated into the daily life of consumers, replacing some leisure shoes and clothing, and the demand has increased greatly. According to Euromonitor data, the domestic sports shoes and clothing market scale is 316.6 billion yuan in 2019. In the past five years, the industry CAGR is 16.4%, which is far higher than the overall growth rate of clothing industry in the same period (5.9%).
In terms of shoes and clothing, the growth rate of sports shoes market is higher than that of sportswear. From 2013 to 2019, the proportion of sportswear in the sportswear market decreased year by year, and the penetration rate of sports shoes increased year by year. In 2019, the market size of sportswear and sports shoes is 133.6 billion yuan and 183 billion yuan respectively, accounting for 42.2% and 57.8% of the overall market size, respectively.
Head brand to accelerate the increase of share, the stronger the stronger the trend is obvious
The "cake" of China's sports shoes and clothing market attracts many enterprises to "carve up". The three companies with the highest market share are Nike, Adidas and Anta. At present, international clothing giants Nike and Adidas are in the leading position in the Chinese market, and they have occupied 40% of the market share. According to Euromonitor, in 2019, Nike's market share in China's sportswear ranked first, with 22.9%, followed by Adidas with a share of 20.4%. Anta, a leading domestic brand, ranked third with 16.4% market share, 6.3% for Li Ning, 4.9% for Tebu and 3.1% for 361 degree.
According to Euromonitor data, from 2010 to 2019, Cr5 in China's sportswear market increased from 51% to 72.8%, and CR10 increased from 72.2% to 86.2%. Market share is concentrated in the hands of a few large enterprises such as Nike, Adidas and Anta. With the continuous improvement of industry concentration, resources are closer to the leading enterprises. The Matthew effect of "the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weaker" will be in the future.
The proportion of domestic and foreign brands has gradually entered a steady state, and domestic brands have accelerated their rise
From the perspective of the proportion of sports brands at home and abroad, from 2010 to 2019, the penetration rate of top 20 brands with market share showed an upward trend, while the penetration rate of domestic brands showed a downward trend, accounting for about 38% for three consecutive years. On the one hand, excellent local brands represented by Anta / Li Ning / Tebu accelerated their rise, while on the other hand, they were divided into new Balance, ASICs and other overseas brands with good growth momentum in previous years have slowed down in recent years.

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